Technological innovation comes within TVT Ltd by the continuous search for new solutions, guaranteed by the quality and competence of the team work and the patent protection for our inventions that ensure the exclusivity of our products.


patent TVT

The beams TVT were invented by Prof. Ing. Maurizio Froli in order to provide an engineering response to the request for an ideal, complete dematerialization and transparency of the buildings coming increasingly from Contemporary architecture.



patent SVT

The construction system SVT: glassy solids Tensegrity is the extension of the concept to the space at the base of the system TVT. Thanks to a single type of node metallic multi-adaptable, with the system SVT is possible to realize, starting from the flat wall continues, a great number of solid space formed by triangles of structural glass compressed in its middle plane by tie rods of steel.

This insight opens the way for further developments aimed at the development of a hybrid steel-glass construction system applicable even in highly seismic areas and that combine the advantages of traditional building types to the qualities of transparency, lightness and elegance that have always characterized a material as ancient as glass.


The continuous developments affecting all fields of engineering and architecture make it possible realizations and applications in which our building system comes alive and takes life by providing the supporting structure not only the role of the skeleton of the building but real soul of ‘work done, by fully blending with the environment and the people who live inside.

So, thanks to technology and OLED touch-screen glass elements that in addition to illuminate environments, are able to interact and talk to people.